Stunning Sonam Kapoor in white..

Sonam Kapoor the fashion icon of Youth.

White dress and black accesories..

her happy and talking eyes…

her simplicity and confidence..

are more than awesom..

Deepika Padukone In Yellow Saree..

Deepika Padukone has shared some stunning photos in a yellow ruffled sari.The gorgeous actress took to Instagram and wrote, “keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows. sunglases..

Statement Earings And minimal makeup..

Watch “latest baby sweater” on YouTube

Yes winter is one season away but dear momys to avoid her/his first cold start kniting now…take a look at few designs…

though the winter is far away but caring , loving moms you need to start your yarn work now to make it happen before the first cold.

Knighting is an art and easy too.

Here I am showing you few styles and designs of chroshets..plz check it out..

Summer style

Hello there,

Talking about fashion and style we must not forget the comfort and sutaibility. In summer short dresses are quite common but lets take a look at few full length light colors. I am prety sure that you too will feel fresh and calm wearing them.

1.Sabyasachi Spring Summer 2019 Namaste Easy Collection

2. Anita Dongare lehenga.

3.Rahul Mishra At Paris Fashion Week Spring 2019 – Livingly